Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection, Critical Information Infrastructure, models, cascading effects Защита на критична инфраструктура, критична информационна инфраструктура, модели, каскадни ефекти

Evolving Concept of Resilience: Soft Measures of Flood Risk Management in Japan

Ishiwatari, Mikio. "Evolving Concept of Resilience: Soft Measures of Flood Risk Management in Japan." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 19, no. 3 (2020): 99-107.


The concept of resilience is evolving in reflection of various changes in climate, socio-economy, technology, and other factors. Each country attempts to strengthen its resilience to disasters according to its local condition.

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Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Effects in Energy Infrastructure

Maliarchuk, Tamara, Yuriy Danyk, and Chad Briggs. "Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Effects in Energy Infrastructure." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 18, no. 1 (2019): 93-110.


Discussions of hybrid warfare have often centered on definitional debates over the precise nature of the term, and whether ‘hybrid’ covers what other military experts describe as nonlinear warfare, full-spectrum warfare, fourth-generation warfare, or other such terms. Similarly, discussions of cyber conflict have treated the phenomenon as a separate domain, as if using cyber tools remained distinct from other forms of conflict.

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Resilience Management Framework for Critical Information Infrastructure: Designing the Level of Trust that Encourages the Exchange of Health Data

Self-regulation as a Risk Mitigation Tool in the Design and Construction of Critical Infrastructures

Training as a Tool of Fostering CIP Concept Implementation: Results of a Table Top Exercise on Critical Energy Infrastructure Resilience

Implementation of the Concept of Critical Infrastructure Protection in Ukraine: Achievements and Challenges

Methodology of Risk Management in Providing Sustainable Development of Settlements