Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Effects in Energy Infrastructure

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Connections: The Quarterly Journal, Volume 18, Issue 1-2 (2019)


cyberattack, Cybersecurity, energy infrastructure, hybrid warfare, power complex


Energy is an integral part of all branches of the economy and social sphere, with a special role in ensuring the security of the development of modern society. Therefore, energy infrastructure has become a critical component of the hybrid war. Destructive cyber bullying in it is accompanied, as a rule, by chain effects and synergistic effects that systematically influence and cover all other spheres of the life of society and the state, both in ordinary and, especially, in critical conditions. The authors systematically and comprehensively analyzed and present in this article the results of investigations of the features of destructive cyber defects in the national energy sector of Ukraine and the ways of counteracting and protecting critical energy infrastructure.