Lessons learned

Lessons learned

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Torn Asunder from Within: Ukraine and the Lessons for Global Security

Klymenko, Iryna. "Torn Asunder from Within: Ukraine and the Lessons for Global Security." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 15, no. 1 (2016): 45-56.



Ukraine is undergoing a very difficult period in its history. The country is bidding farewell to its Soviet past, while the Russian Federation (RF) is attempting to restore the “Soviet Empire” – with Ukraine retaining within its sphere of control. The Ukraine drama has been playing out “online” before our very eyes, and events have developed so rapidly that experts and scholars are not only unable to keep up with all the details, but are experiencing great difficulty making sense of what is happening.

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Reforming the Security Sectors in South Eastern Europe: Lessons Learned and their Relevance for a Wider Black Sea Area Policy