Fighting the First Battle of Cyberspace Preparedness: Finding Your Reserve Cyber-Warriors

Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Effects in Energy Infrastructure

Maliarchuk, Tamara, Yuriy Danyk, and Chad Briggs. "Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Effects in Energy Infrastructure." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 18, no. 1 (2019): 93-110.


Discussions of hybrid warfare have often centered on definitional debates over the precise nature of the term, and whether ‘hybrid’ covers what other military experts describe as nonlinear warfare, full-spectrum warfare, fourth-generation warfare, or other such terms. Similarly, discussions of cyber conflict have treated the phenomenon as a separate domain, as if using cyber tools remained distinct from other forms of conflict.

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Observing, Measuring and Collecting HDD Performance Metrics on a Physical Machine During Ransomware Attack

Design of Technical Methods for Analysing Network Security Based on Identification of Network Traffic Anomalies

Cybersecurity Problems and Solutions in Operating Systems of Mobile Communications Devices

Educational NASA Project: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity at a Mobile Lunar Base

Andreev, Evgeni, Mariya Nikolova, and Veselka Radeva. "Educational NASA Project: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity at a Mobile Lunar Base." Information & Security: An International Journal 46, no. 3 (2020): 321-333.
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Comparison between the Cyber Operations Majors in the United States Naval Academy and the Bulgarian Naval Academy