Athena Award

In 2005, the Editorial Board of of the PfP Consortium announced the establishment of the Athena Award for the best article published in the year preceding the Consortium Annual Conference. This award is bestowed to the author who has, in the opinion of the Editorial Board, produced an article of such quality as to warrant this special mention at the Annual Conference. Articles are evaluated based on the use of methodology, the scholarly quality, originality, its impact on the academic and security dialogue, and its respect for the mission of the PfP Consortium. The Editorial Board looks forward to suggestions from working group and study group chairs for awards in future years. With this, the PfP Consortium Editorial Board hopes to challenge writers and researchers for articles of ever increasing quality, and to also support the work of dedicated scholars with ever increasing praise for their contribution.

The following authors and papers have been acknowledged with this prestigous award of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes: