Hofstede’s Power Distance Matrix: Law Enforcement Leadership Theory and Communication

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Connections: The Quarterly Journal, Volume 21, Issue 1, p.61-72 (2022)


cultural environments, eth¬ics and public service, Hofstede matrix, leadership theory, management


Hofstede created his theory with its dimensions by working with various private companies. In 2021, the author had the opportunity to do all this for an organization that trains civil service employees. The central question of his research was how to integrate Hofstede’s dimensions concerning managerial communication into an environment based on other cultural and ethical foundations. The quantitative analysis employed a questionnaire consisting of closed and open-ended questions. Staff and students of the Faculty of Law Enforcement, University of Public Service, responded to the questionnaire. The responses were processed using statistical tests suitable for confirming or refuting a hypothesis. The new research findings indicate that it is worth considering how the six dimensions set up by Hofstede could improve law enforcement if incorporated into leadership awareness during leadership training.