European and Eurasian Security: Viewpoints from Russia

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Connections: The Quarterly Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.1 (2014)
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Connections presents diverse views on defense and security by authors from NATO and partner countries from the Partnership for Peace and be­yond. For this particular issue we invited authors from universities and research centers of the Russian Federation to express their views on cur­rent issues of high interest to academics and policy makers. The response was overwhelming.
In this issue, the PfPC Editorial Board selected contributions addressing the impact of China’s rise, Russian thoughts on the series of “color revolutions” and the Arab Spring, Russia’s relations with Georgia after the parliamentary elections in 2012, the main factors shaping Russia’s foreign policy, the establishment of the Eurasian Union, and the prospects for power transfer in Central Asia, particularly in Uzbekistan and Ka­zakhstan. Several authors analyze the developments in Ukraine at the end of 2013 and throughout 2014 and their impact on the security of Russia, Europe and Eurasia.
Many readers are likely to find the authors’ viewpoints controversial. Nevertheless, understanding different perspectives may help our readers better appreciate the challenges in resolving some of the problems, par­ticularly where Russian and Western analysts and policy makers have distinct and, on occasion, incompatible views. 

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