Integrated Approach to Cyber Defence: Human in the Loop. Technical Evaluation Report

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Journal Article


Sabi I. Sabev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 44, p.76-92 (2020)


Cyber defence, Cybersecurity, education & training, human factors, operations, research


This report provides an overview and critical discussion of the HFM-288 Research Workshop. The workshop was designed to address the critical aspects of the integrated approach to cyber defence with focus on the role of human factors to cyber resilience and to generate solutions to greatly improve the role of people in fighting the cyber threats. Four keynote speakers and 24 presentations provided a variety of perspectives on the issues. Discussions revealed that there is significant shared understanding amongst the researchers and experts on the increasing role and responsibilities of humans in building a robust and resilient cyber security and defence. This report concludes with recommendations on areas where current efforts need to be consolidated, and areas where continued efforts are required.

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