Multi-stakeholder Approach to Cybersecurity and Resilience

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 34, Issue 1, p.59-68 (2016)


collaborative networks, cyber maturity, cybersecurity strategy, intelligent complex adaptive system, multi-stakeholder approach, organizational framework, organizational model, public-private partnership, stovepipes


Identifying and involving all relevant stakeholders in national cybersecurity strategy (NCSS) development is key for defining the scope, setting the goals and approaches, and the roadmap to achieve targeted maturity levels. It is more than involving the three groups (government, private sector, academia) and requires a holistic approach towards security and resilience of all interconnected segments of national and international cyberspace. The paper presents the approach to making the Bulgarian NCSS (BG-NCSS). Different aspects of stakeholders' involvement and engagements are considered: for identifying the scope and developing the strategy, defining the responsibilities and engaging with the development of a national collaboration operational network, strategy implementation and the roadmap to a resilient society, and collaboration to achieve operational cyber resiliency. As a collaboration mechanism, applications of public-private partnerships at different levels are envisaged.