Exploring the Role of the Human Factor in Cybersecurity: Results from an Expert Survey in Bulgaria

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Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 44, p.39-50 (2020)


Cybersecurity, education & training, human factors, IT personnel, recruitment, retention


This article presents results from Subject Matter Experts’ opinion survey carried out by the authors in Bulgaria and aimed at obtaining and summarizing the widest possible range of information on issues related to the challenges of ensuring cybersecurity in the country, including the important role of human factors in cybersecurity. The survey was carried out in the framework of a project funded by the Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration in 2019. The questions included in the survey relate to three distinct sectors—the public administration, academia and the business sector—all contributing to the operational support of the e-government in Bulgaria; the consolidation of this support is seen as prerequisite for achieving a cyber sustainable Bulgaria. The results of the survey are intended to support the process of formulating conclusions and recommendations for improving decision-making regarding the role of the human factor in cybersecurity in the public administration of the Republic of Bulgaria, enhancing the institutional capacity, recruitment, development and retention of IT personnel.
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