Problems of Digitized Information Flow Analysis: Cognitive Aspects

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Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 43, Issue 2, p.134-144 (2019)


cognitive visualization, man-machine interaction, relationship of structure and functions, signal structure


The problems of security, reliability and sustainability of digital transformation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence have common causes and origin. The inevitable increase in the number of information sources leads to ambiguity and inconsistency of the analyzed information. The variety of ways to display it makes it difficult to make effective decisions by a pilot, dispatcher, and other operators. The key security problems of dynamic systems are: a) the variety of means of displaying information sources, b) the lack of universal means of analyzing the flow of digital information, c) the individuality of the functioning of information sources when exposed to stress factors. The unification of cognitive visualization of information from sources of a different nature on an interdisciplinary basis simplifies the solution of these and related problems. The visualization of the structure of various sources of information in the form of dynamic patterns and their comparative analysis in one space allows to identify relevant internal and external sources of information. In the restructuring of patterns, the dynamic and statistical features of their functioning are displayed. The integration of digital technologies makes it possible to identify sources of information, predict their vulnerability, and also solve the problem of effectively selecting information sources.

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