Hybrid Warfare Similation-based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 39, Issue 3, p.220-234 (2018)


applied competences, cyber security, hybrid warfare, simulation-based learning


In the past few years, the body of knowledge on hybrid warfare grew considerably, as did its importance both in practice and in academia. This article provides a current overview of the existing body of the literature in the field of simulation-based learning and the hybrid warfare issues of key importance. The authors present here an original framework related to simulation-based learning environment which provides students or trainees the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to deal with different situations in hybrid warfare impacting both the private and the public sector. Research questions driving this study are as follows: First, to identify key topics of hybrid warfare which should be taken as mandatory topics during the training sessions; second, to evaluate the possibilities to apply simulation-based learning to hybrid warfare issues, and, third, to propose a methodological framework of simulation-based learning environment about key hybrid warfare topics and related technological issues.