On the Earthquake Hazard and the Management of Seismic Risk in Bulgaria

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 24, p.39-50 (2009)


earthquake hazard, Seismic risk, seismic risk management


This article examines issues of assessment and management of seismic risk in Bulgaria in recent years. It presents the views of the authors also from their
positions in the leadership of the former Expert Council on Assessment and Management of Seismic Risk (AMSR) of the Scientific Coordinating Council (SCC)
serving the Government Commission for Population Protection against Disasters, Accidents and Catastrophes (GCPPDAC). Some basic knowledge on earthquake sources, seismicity and seismic zoning of the Bulgarian territory is given. Effects of seismic excitations on different types of structure are presented. The report is illustrated with original photographs of the destruction and damage caused by the impact of earthquakes in our country and adjacent lands over the past three decades.
Considering the high level of seismicity and vulnerability of the Bulgarian territory
some conclusions and recommendations on seismic risk mitigation of structures are made.