Analysis of the Reasons for Incidents with Radioactive Sources in Bulgaria and Preventive Measures

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 24, p.115-124 (2009)


liquidation of the consequences of emergency, mitigation and avoidance of accidents., Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Radiation emergency


Since 1989 Bulgaria has started a comprehensive reform of its eco­nomic and social life. Part of this reform is the intensive privatization, which began in 2001 and covered all sectors of industry, agriculture, medicine, science, includ­ing objects using sources of ionizing radiation. The rapid change of ownership and business failure result in difficulties to identify the owner of radioactive source or material and in significant deterioration in the physical protection of radioactive sources or material. This in turn causes the occurrence of various radiation emer­gency situations, sometimes with considerable risk of radiation exposure of popu­lation and radioactive contamination of the environment. Taking seriously in con­sideration these problems, Bulgaria via the Nuclear Regulatory Agency has taken a series of measures to improve the control over nuclear materials and radioactive sources and to strengthen emergency preparedness and response to radiation emer­gencies. The report analyzes the radiation emergencies, the reasons leading to their occurrence and describes the measures for their eradication, prevention and avoid­ance of accidents.