Governance theories

Governance theories

 Theory, concepts, methods

Defense Against Negative Strategic Communications

Reid, Judith. "Defense Against Negative Strategic Communications." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 17, no. 3 (2018): 52-60.

Strategic messaging is ever more important in the age of explosive social media. So much information flows to and through societies, governments and individu­als that any attempt to organize and make sense of the data is welcome for its ability to be consumed. Not all information on the Internet is benign. Some indi­viduals and organizations work to manipulate the information to represent their views. Some go beyond and use information as a tool to persuade. Some gov­ernments weaponize data into propaganda to purposefully harm other nations.

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Governing Functions in Defence

This lecture introduces the concept of governance, the main pillars of management (plannig; organising and staffing; directing and leading; monitoring and controlling) and distinguishes between three key governance functionss in deefence: command and control; management; and political guidance and oversight. It compares the main principles, roles and responsibilities in the implementation of each of the gooverning functions.

Governance, Management, Command, Leadership: Setting the Context for Studies of Defence Management

Ratchev, Valeri. "Governance, Management, Command, Leadership: Setting the Context for Studies of Defence Management." In Defence Management: An Introduction, 15-43. Security and Defence Management Series. Geneva: Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, 2009.