Civil & Societal Security

Civil & Societal Security

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Disinformation: Policy Responses to Building Citizen Resiliency

Miyamoto, Inez. "Disinformation: Policy Responses to Building Citizen Resiliency." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 20, no. 2 (2021): 47-55.


With the growth of social media, there is a flood of unregulated content available on the Internet. Gone are socially-responsible publishers, editors, and subject matter experts to evaluate information that was available with traditional media.[1] Instead, citizens are left to decide what is fake or real, while maligned actors leverage this opportunity, along with the openness of democracies, to influence societies with disinformation.

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Volunteers in Disaster Relief in Zones of Armed Conflict: The Case of Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

Momani, Naill, and Mohamad Alzaghal. "Volunteers in Disaster Relief in Zones of Armed Conflict: The Case of Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan." Information & Security: An International Journal 40, no. 2 (2018): 181-188.
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Policy and Legal Frameworks of Using Armed Forces for Domestic Disaster Response and Relief

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