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"ICT Governance, Human Factors and Cyber Situational Awareness." Information & Security: An International Journal 46, no. 1 (2020): 7-10.
"A Model of ICT Competence Development for Digital Transformation." Information & Security: An International Journal 46, no. 3 (2020): 269-284.
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The Hague Talks: Academic Support to Social Networks (Ролята на академичния сектор за защита на кибер пространството от език на омразата и фалшиви новини)., 2018.
Hybrid warfare against (the naming of) the Hybrid warfare., 2018.
Innovation Platform for Security Capability Development: Innovation for Transformation – roles in the 4 quadrants., 2018.
MN Formations Centric Defense Partnership – the Way Ahead in CEE / SEE., 2018.
Not-For-Profit Framework (NFPF): Improved capacity management for NCIA Support to Interoperability and Innovation in NATO Effectiveness, Efficiency and Savings for C&I R&D/E&T Improved NATO – EU coordination and cooperation., 2018.
Organizing for Cyber Resilience: Identification and Management of the Organizational Cyber Risk., 2018.
Resilience: Cyber / Technology dimension., 2018.
Service based organisation for security and law enforcement space enabled support., 2018.
Киберсигурност и възможности за приложение на иновативни технологии в работата на държавната администрация в България., 2018.
Опит в развитието на лидери на промяната за НАТО., 2018.
Развитие на капацитета за МиС в България: 1984-2018., 2018.