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Current Issue

Connections vol. 21, no.1, Leadership in the Defense and Security Sector in the 21st Century

This special issue looks at leadership theories, critically reviews applications in defense, security, and international relations, and highlights the challenges posed by the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine. The contributors address diverse topics, such as the elicitation of desired leadership traits on the basis of the curricula of selected courses of the NATO School Oberammergau, the experience of China in introducing Western leadership concepts in the education and training of future military leaders, the experience of Ukraine in leading the enhancement of human resource management in the ministry of defense as part of the capabilities-based planning process, and the dangers for Ukraine in falling into the trap of authoritarian leadership during the current war with Russia. Three additional articles examine the interconnections between leadership in communication, respectively, in Hungary’s law enforcement organizations, the impact on organizational design, and the role of strategic narratives in Taiwan’s soft power and its positioning in the Indo-pacific region. 

Editors: Philipp Fluri, Tamar Pataraia & Todor Tagarev