Supply Chain Cyber Security – Potential Threats

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 29, Issue 1, p.51-68 (2013)


cyber threats, cybercrime, Cybersecurity, supply chain crime, supply chain security


The same Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that have contributed tremendously to the productivity of supply chain companies and gov¬ernments alike, as well as to the global competitiveness of the European Union, ex¬pose modern societies to a range of cyber threats. ICT systems are fundamental to ensure that undisrupted flows of merchandise and critical supplies, such as oil, minerals, rare earths, pharmaceuticals and food are moved in and out of the EU ter¬ritory. Past events have revealed the vulnerability of global supply chains to crime and terrorism. However, previous research does not highlight how these threats may be affected with the support of cyber attacks. Hence, by means of a literature review and experts’ validation, this study develops a set of three scenarios that outline how cybercrime could jeopardize security of supply chains and, consequently, the well-being of European citizens. Fi¬nally, implications for managers and EU agencies are discussed.