Operational Analysis in Support of Armed Forces Transformation: The Role of Organizational Culture

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Evgeni Manev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 23, Issue 2, p.163-174 (2009)


Armed Forces transformation, operational analysis, organizational culture


This article starts with presenting a very comprehensive review of the process of armed forces transformation. The proposed framework offers a clear vi­sion for the main directions and parameters of armed forces transformation. It pro­vides opportunities to include lessons learned and to develop strategies for dealing with the military reform. In order to accomplish optimal reforms, these strategies have to be studied carefully and after that, based on the result, planned and imple­mented. Certainly, all capacity of the nation must be harnessed to that process, in­cluding the operational analysis approach. In performing operational analysis, the author considers a very important aspect – the role of organizational culture. The study performed by the author helps him conclude that organizational culture change has to go first and “tow” operational analysis and transformation processes ahead. Therefore, the role of organizational culture can be defined as advanced, leading and determining.