e-Platform for IT Personnel Development: Addressing the most Strategic Challenge in the Cyber Domain – People

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Silvia Matern


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 42, p.95-116 (2019)


eLearning platform, human capital development, human resource management, international organisations, IT education, IT organisations, IT taxonomy, manpower, recruitment


The article presents an approach for addressing the human capital challenge given the high demand of businesses and international organisations for IT experts. The author reviews the requirements and the process of developing human capital, outlines the problems in IT education today and reviews existing sources for online IT education. The focus is on the architecture of an e-Platform the business model supporting human capital development and management in the complex environment of national and international IT organisations. The research findings suggest that a digital platform for collaboration and management of IT competencies could be a solution to the challenges in IT training experienced in the selection, development, employment and sustaining of key IT experts.